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The members of the Priest River Development Corporation envision a future where opportunity thrives, and our citizens consider Bonner County to be an ideal place to live, work, and raise a family.




To facilitate the diversification of employment opportunities in the Priest River area. Provide properly zoned commercial property at reasonable costs, to support new business, existing business retention and growth.


The Priest River Development Corporation (PRDC) is a vision that came about in 1980. A vision of reality today, by community volunteers establishing PRDC Industrial Park, a multi-million dollar operation with a diversity of jobs and enriched economy.


A place where rural character is preserved and community stability is enhanced through quality employment options, higher wages and excellent health care.

Economic opportunity is available at all income levels, with quality local career choices for graduating high school students.

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What We Offer

The Priest River Development Corporation has an abundance of resources to offer

> a viable workforce
> easy International Airport accessiblity
> low cost of living and utilities
> affordable buildings
> lease/buy options on buildings and lands owned by the PRDC

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